Happy New Year!

2009 was a good year for science. Ardi and Ida, two important missing links were discovered during the international Darwin year. Finally the Large Hadron Collider seems to be working at Cern. There might be an AIDS vaccine and hooray! There is water on the moon. Lots to party, I would say. And what is a good party without good music? Museum Boerhaave found a solution for all science loving partypeeps. Every Tuesday the museum Blips a music tune which has a connection with science. Either the name of the band or artist refers to a scientist or the title of the song refers to a scientific phenomenon. You can decide which song will be played every Tuesday, follow #dinsdagdeuntje (translates like Tuesday Tune in English) on Twitter and send in your suggestion. This is the top 10 Dinsdagdeuntjes for 2009!

What better way to end 2009 and to begin 2010, let the party begin!

1 John Mayer – Gravity

2 Frank Zappa – Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow

3 Regina Spektor- Genius

4 Olivia Newton John & ELO – Xanadu

5 The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

6 Muse – Unnatural Selection (extended)

7 Chemical Brothers ft Richard Ashcroft – The Test

8 Oingo Boingo – “Weird Science”

9 Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science

10 Beastie Boys- Sounds Of Science

The Staff of Museum Boerhaave would like to wish you all the best for 2010!

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