Zooms, a new museumgame on Twitter

Zooms is a new museumgame on Twitter with a simple formula:
3 pics, 3 hints, 1 winner!

Zooms is a fun way for big and small museums on Twitter to get your followers in touch with the collections of your institute.

This is how it works:
Take a picture of an object, cut 1/3 out and send post the picture on twitter with the hashtag #zooms Ask your followers to guess what is depicted on photograph.

You can post a text hint in a next tweet like: This instrument was used in surgery. Make sure that the first hint you give contains general information. Most of the museum followers are generalist not curators! Now just wait a while for your audience to respond. It might be to difficult so don’ t worry if you only get a few suggestions.

Post another picture, now 1/2 of the object. Follow the same routine as described above.

You can tweet a text hint like ” used on the head not on the feet”, a little bit puzzling to keep you audience’s attention.

The last picture hint shows the whole object, so actually you’re zooming out (thus the name zooms!)

In the last text hint you might urge your audience to tweet a suggestion before it’s too late!  When you reveal what the object is you can of course link to your website, blog or online exhibition. Which makes #zooms a great game to put a spotlight on special events as well. 

It’s not that time consuming to prepare the picture hints of course. And you can schedule how often and when you want to send a #zooms

Last week we tried #zooms in the Netherlands. Most interesting part of the experiment was that the game evolved immediately. Our colleagues from the Teylers Museum came up with a #zooms not from an object but with an engraving asking not what it was but Where it was! 

This means that not only museums could play #zooms but it yields a lot of possibilities for other heritage institutions as well. Archive can play a game of #zooms and ask their audiences Who’s this handwriting from? Libraries can play #zooms with book illustrations for instance. The possibilities are endless!

The winner of a #zooms can be rewarded with a small prize or, that´s what we have in mind, at the end of a #zooms season gather all the winners and invite them to your institution for a special #zooms winners event. 

But most of all remember:

Zooms = 3 pics, 3 hints, 1 winner

Enjoy the games  

Ps. It was the Dutch surgeon Solingen had devised an alternative method to remove dents from soft skulls. A specially designed pewter cup was heated, causing the air inside the cup to expand. Then the cup was placed on the clean shaven part of the skull. When the cup cooled off the contracting air inside it caused suction, fixing the cup to the skull. Next the cup was pulled up by the leather strap, thus removing the dent in the head.

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