Adding some color from our collections to you iPads:

Recently the Flipboard app for the iPad was released. Within a few days this app was the talk of the town in iPad land. For those who don’t own an iPad or  have not installed the application, the best way to describe Flipboard is that it turns your device into an e-magazine reader. The magazine, or better magazines, are filled with the content created by your friends or followers you share on Facebook or Twitter.

This made me realize that using the Twitter account of museum Boerhaave we will be able to create our own online magazine. The more content we share the better the magazine. So help us create the most inspiring, wonderful, interesting, educational and funny online museum magazine! How? Simply tweet and retweet @museumboerhaave

In clipboard just add @museumboerhaave in the searchwindow and you’ll able to read an amazing crowdsourced magazine. To give you an example how it might look like, we add zoom color to your iPad. In the gallery you’ll find some pieces from our collections. We selected only some yellow ones, so this week we add some yellow (-:


1 comment
  1. Pepijn said:

    Great idea!
    Tried it immediately; didn’t even know you could add other Twitter streams than your own in Flipboard.

    *Is epibrating on a collection-selection-search API-Twitter-Flipboard-connection*

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