#askacurator day! September 1st

So… Today is the day! It’s #askacurator day on Twitter. Using the hashtag #askacurator tweeps can ask anything they want about the museums and collections to curators from all around the world. Around 300 museums are in! After first inscribing our museum and a massive invitation-action of @museumsukkel in the Netherlands, we are proud to be one of the 39 participating Dutch museums and institutions.

At September 1st at 00:02 we already started answering our first questions…

Let me just shortly introduce out team of curators:

Bart, our die-hard tweeting curator! Bart is a biologist and his specialism is medical history.  At this moment Bart works on the exhibition Say cheese! Which will open on October 9th. The  exhibition is about the developments in dental care.

Tim is curator of art and medical history in Museum Boerhaave. His dissertation The Finger of God, anatomical practice in 17th century Leiden was well received in the Dutch historical society. Tim knows all about the Anatomical theatre.

Ad is a specialist in history of science. Recently Ad gave several lectures on electricity in the 18th century and organised a series of lectures on the Scientific Revolution. Ad was also curating the current exhibition NewtonMania.

Tiemen, just joined our team one month ago. He also is specialised in the history of science. At this moment Tiemen works on a project about Georg Marcgraf, a scientist to the court of the count Mauritz of Nassau, the governor of Dutch Brazil in 17th.

Ton is our know-it-all curator. He has been working at the museum for years now. Ton is a chemist.

And of course we also have a lady in our curator team (science is not all about man you know…) Mieneke. Mieneke just gave birth to a little baby girl last week, and for this happy reason she won’t be able to join #askacurator. Mienekes specialist area is medical history.

What to ask about? Well, anything that has to do with our scientific and medical collection. Our collection represents 5 centuries of science and medicine. We have for example the first microscopes from Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, clocks from Huygens and Einstein’s pen. You can also ask about restoration projects, our depot, our library and about how-to-become-a-curator.

Check our online collection and get inspired to ask!

Ooowww and by the way…. You can always ask us your questions of course, 365 days a year! (we answer asap).



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