Who is writing?

Ad Maas  – curator physical sciences
Bart Grob – curator medical collections
Harry Leechburch Auwers – librarian
Mara Scheelings  – registrar
Paul Steenhorst – head restoration
Tiemen Cocquyt – curator physical sciences
Tim Huisman – curator history, art history and medicine
Tjeerd Bakker – Assistent restorer, clock-maker/horologist
Vera Bartels – communication, marketing and events
Vincent Scheerman – restoration

  1. Casey Magnuson said:

    I loved the museum when I visited Leiden in Feb 2009. What a great place to explore. I really liked the exhibit about Absolute Zero/Kelvin.

    • Thank you so much! Hope to see you again someday in Leiden! Have a great 2011!

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